Expressions and reflections

High-level problems can be considered to exist within the domain of the arts.


At a broader level, issues regarding governance, power dynamics, and communication methods have historically revolved around the concept of freedom of expression. This has been evident since the Magna Carta and further intensified during the French Revolution.


Even in the 21st century, people who express themselves and demand more from their governments are often met with brutality, indicating that freedom of expression is still a luxury in many countries.


While some countries have made progress in allowing peaceful protests and expanding rights, the ability to reflect and take action on these expressions remains a challenge.


This is a high-level issue that we need to address in this century. People need a safe space to express themselves and expect their demands to be heard and reflected in politics.



We need tools that can help facilitate reflection and progress in addressing the high-level issues of governance, power dynamics, and communication methods.


There is a necessity to offer a means for individuals to build new social contracts through expressing their demands, providing acknowledgments, and making assurances to the rest of the world anonymously yet undeniably.