future, made. is a dynamic project humbly created by Abbas Tolgay Yılmaz aka. streamerd, exploring the intersection of arts, rights, and technology with the aim of articulating and elaborating the rationale and aspirations behind his initiative projects.

The project aims to challenge prevailing beliefs and practices by introducing elementary ideas that have the potential to bring about significant change.

It is divided into two main sections: Thoughts and Experiments, each offering a unique perspective on the author's ever-contemplated causes and themes.

In the Thoughts section, the project presents a series of narratives related to ecology, economy, diplomacy, politics, and technology for good. These thought-provoking concepts encourage readers to question the status quo and consider and co-imagine alternative approaches to the world's challenges.

The Experiments section showcases several innovative projects; were each initiative is imagined and designed to push the boundaries of what's possible to co-evaluate & create, using cutting-edge technology and artistic approach to illustrate and share a meaningful change.

Overall, future, made. is a thought-provoking and inspiring project that encourages us to imagine a better future. Through critical examination, creative experimentation, and a commitment to challenging the status quo, these projects shall be interpreted as intivations to join in the pursuit of a brighter future.

What is the reason for the significant emphasis on achieving a World Peace?
The answer is simple: the world deserves the best, and I aspire for the best for the world & bests, in peace.